An always & forever kind of love…


Set deep in our hearts

To long for the things that this world can’t satisfy.

Forever is what we were created for

But somewhere along the way

We thought it could be fixed with just the idea of


A more that runs out when expectations aren’t met

A more that runs dry the moment promises aren’t kept

A more that doesn’t satisfy the forever built into our hearts

It’s that forever kind of love meant to be felt

Forever in sickness

Forever in health

Forever in stubbornness

Forever in discouragement

Forever in lack

Forever in abundance

Forever when we run away

Forever when we run back

Forever when we keep our promises

Forever when we break them.

Forever when we fall.

Forever when we get back up.

Grateful that my lack of always

Never diminishes Your forever.



Always & Forever.

That kind of Love

Is what we were created for.


So don’t cut it off thinking you aren’t worth more.

Always & Forever

Accept it

It’s yours.

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