Who is Yodit?

I am a…

Servant. Follower. Leader. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Visionary. Advocate. Creator. Teacher. Writer. Singer. Worshipper. Encourager. Inspirer. Connector. Thinker

and whatever else God helps me discover I am


I’ve committed my life  to inspire. encourage. give. show. lead.  share. LOVE.

I write because it’s in me and it has to come out or else I will explode!!  I love life but truly ADORE and LIVE for the GIVER of Life!


I’ve come to a point in my life where I am persuaded that God is real not because of any book I’ve read or any pastor I’ve heard or any church I’ve attended. I’ve truly experienced—FOR MYSELF—the love of God in a way that has awakened the spirit in me to want to be known and led by Him in everything that I do and say.

I am not bound by religion. I’ve chosen to be bound by a RELATIONSHIP with Christ and in that I’ve become freer than ever!

I have made Jesus my Lord and Savior and now my cup runs over and I live from this overflow! I live this life to make Him known by the LOVE I show.

Oh—I forgot to mention, I am pretty funny. At least that’s what I tell myself when I see my friends laugh at me or laugh with me…I can’t tell the difference sometimes.

And I have a VERY SPECIAL relationship with coffee. We are pretty close and inseparable. So please, don’t get in the way or there may be some consequences. #justserious

Hope you enjoy this journey of my thoughts, my words, my silliness, my inspirations, and my passions of this life I live….

out of the o v e r f l o w