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Food for the Soul Monday: Because He had to…

*A little nourishment for your soul to get you going*

We’ve all said it at some point in our lives, “I was at the right place at the right time.”

To some it’s the philosophy that when preparation meets luck, good things happen. However, to us who believe in God, we know that neither preparation nor luck match God’s intentionality in ordering our steps. It’s beautifully seen in the story in John 4 that we are all familiar with, the Samaritan woman at the well.

At this point in His ministry, Jesus had been winning the hearts of people through the signs, miracles and wonders He gracefully performed. Many were getting baptized and coming to the knowledge of God and the religious leaders couldn’t stand it. So Jesus decides to leave where He was in Judea, and head to Galilee. And here is where things get interesting. The scripture says,

“He had to pass through Samaria.” (John 4: 4)

Here is the thing; Samaria was located halfway between the straight shot journey between Judea and Galilee. However, during that time, the enmity between the Jews and the Samaritans ran so deep, both spiritually and racially, that Jews who would travel between those two locations would intentionally go around Samaria because they wanted nothing to do with the people. This would add days to their trip but it was so deep that they thought to get near them would contaminate them.

But Jesus HAD to pass through there. In reality, by the cultural norms of that day, He wasn’t supposed to. It was looked down on. But He had to… He had to because before the foundations of the Earth, God had a plan for this lady whom we would come to call, The Samaritan woman. He knew she would be drawing water at the hottest time of the day because of shame. He knew she would have a thirst greater than Jesus’ question for a cup of water. He knew she would need living water that would quench her thirst for eternity. And so He risks His reputation to meet her. He knew the right time and He knew the right place.

No kind of preparation or luck would cause this woman to be at this place. In fact, it had nothing to do with what she did. It had everything to do with what Christ wanted to do for her life. He met her where she was. He wanted to rescue her. He knew that because of her testimony, many would come to believe Him. (John 4:30). What great love!

Be encouraged today that this Great and Sovereign King who loves us beyond our finite comprehension, holds our times in His hand. He loves timing but more so because He loves His purpose in and for you. That thing you are waiting for, He knows the right time and the right place and He will keep meeting you where you are until you are where you’ve prayed to be. There are people that have to be sent. There are circumstances that have to happen. There are places that you have to go. Simply Trust.


When God Doesn’t Tell You What’s Next….

In this faith walk, you get to certain points where you are clear on what God is doing and then there other times when you just have NO idea what His next step for you is.

It’s clear to me that God’s hand is on my life. And it seems like when God says in His word that we move from faith to faith, He knew that even when we know that He orders our steps, we will experience these real moments when we still question what the next step is.

And because He knows that this has been the thoughts and prayers of my heart lately, it’s just like Him to lead me to an answer that would shut me up lol.

The other day, as I was talking with Him, He led me to this scripture…

 “Be content in Obscurity, like Christ…” (Colossians 3:4 MSG)

And of course He knew I was going to respond with…what the what?

God, what do you mean you want me to be OK with not knowing what is coming next?? How do I remain content in sensing that shift is taking place but yet having no idea what that means? I mean…how else do I prepare if I don’t know what I’m preparing for.

These are real questions I have for God because yes, at times fear creeps in. it can be tough to desire to please God so much that you become paralyzed because you can’t see a concrete next step.

And all along, God is trying to tell me…(this is how God talks to me—He can be quite humorous ;-))

Be OK with being in the dark. Because if I’m telling you that I am the LIGHT (John 8:12) and you fix your gaze on me (Prov. 4:25), there is no way that you will remain there forever.

You don’t have to know everything. Believe it or not, knowing everything requires no faith in Me. Some things are better left unknown until I reveal them….Why? Because you will never live in the moment.

You can’t handle knowing everything. “YOU CAN”T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!’ (Sorry—it just seemed appropriateJ ) But on a serious note—Remember, My job is to protect and prepare you.  Knowing everything will probably cause you more worry than the simple act of putting your trust in Me to guide you. Learn from Adam and Eve. It was never meant for them to know everything, but look what disobedience led them to.

I know you better than you know yourself. It’s true. I kinda created you. And I know every bit of detail there is to know about you (Psalm 139).  Most times than not, you come to realize that what you wanted to know so badly at one point, you could have waited. So because I know that, I help you out before you even have to get there;-) (I’m a Good God huh?)

Remain focused where you are. Do you not see what I am doing in the midst of you? And within you? I’m building in you character. I’m giving you insight. I’m offering you wisdom. Stop living in the future that has yet to happen and probably won’t happen the way you already claimed in your mind it will. So just stop. Be in the moment so you won’t regret it later.

Learn as much as you can where you are. Remember when you used to work for the yearbook and you used to develop pictures in the dark room? What happened when the image was exposed to light too quickly—it messed up! In the same way, there is so much growth that happens in your season of obscurity. Focus on learning all that life will teach you right where you are.

Obscurity isn’t purposeless. Don’t be deceived by what this world says about not knowing what your next step is. You aren’t lazy. You aren’t a wanderer. Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. You don’t have to lean on your understanding as the world does. Obscurity doesn’t mean you’re lost. It just means I love you enough to be intentional with you on what your next step is. It’s that important to me. So relax…Be content! You’re taken care of. Your days were numbered before one of them came to be. So why not let me  lead you through them?? (Psalm 139:16)

Whewww..well..God sure has a way of bringing us a peace that passes all understanding even when it means giving up our right to understand. He really  loves us!  So yes, I don’t know what the next step is. But I will not worry myself to fear and discontentment with where He has me NOW. I will—with the peace of God—be CONTENT in obscurity.