Food for the Soul Monday: The Gospel

*A little nourishment for your soul to get you going*

Growth is an essential part of our life.  If we aren’t growing, we are stagnant. As I think about growing in this walk with God or what we would call maturing in Him, I think about what’s often neglected in this maturing process. We come to accept Christ as our Lord and Savior because we believe that He was sent by God to die for the atonement of our sins and resurrected to make us alive in Him. We know this to be the GOSPEL.

It’s the starting point of our walk with God but I’m learning that as we seek to mature, the Gospel must also be the sustaining force of our walk with Him.

What do I mean?

I mean that accepting what Jesus has done is not where it ends. The Gospel must also be what keeps us transforming to be more like Christ. The reminder of Christ dying for our sins is a reminder that we are, as Paul puts it, filthy as rags, and there will never be a day we don’t need Him. It’s also a reminder that our righteousness doesn’t and never will come from us. We don’t work to keep our place in God. It’s not an earned position. So we must be careful that we don’t fall into the trap of trying to work for His approval. It keeps us falling more in love with God because of the great lengths He went to reconcile us back to Him.

The Gospel must never get old or basic to us. It is POWER to us. It should be the filter through which we see and interact with people. It must be central and essential to how we live our lives daily. May we never forget.

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