Food for the Soul Monday: Let’s Get Serious…

*A little nourishment for your soul to get you going*

I’m fascinated by the relationship that God had with the Israelites in the Old Testament. It was anything but boring. It was adventurous…a constant reminder that God’s love for them was unrelenting. No matter how hard-headed they were, His heart never hardened towards them. It grieved but it wasn’t hardened.

What God desired more than anything was their seriousness about Him. It seemed like they took Him for granted. They no longer feared His presence. They no longer remembered His deliverance and they no longer understood His mercy. It all became too familiar to them.

But God’s love didn’t run dry. It grieved. But it didn’t run dry.

It’s the same with us. His love doesn’t run dry but it does grieve when He sees a heart torn between two worlds: the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. He desires a serious commitment to Him.

God had His prophet Samuel share His heart to the Israelites in 1 Samuel 7:3:

If you are really serious about wanting to return to the LORD, get rid of your foreign gods and your images of Ashtoreth. Determine to obey only the LORD…”

No more dabbling in and out. He is looking for commitment, but not a forceful one, but one ravished by His love. Compelled by it. Restrained by it. Freed by it. A kind of commitment that honors and respects the work He is doing in your life. it’s real. It’s deep. It’s good!

I pray today that we would recommit to another level of seriousness with our relationship with God. He’s looking for serious people. All-in people. Unwavering people. Let it show in how you listen. In how you obey. In how you serve. In how you choose. Above all, in how you live.

“So if you’re serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it. Pursue the things over which Christ presides…” Colossians 3:1 (MSG)

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