Food for the Soul Monday: Because I can catch attitude in these moments…

*A little nourishment for your soul to get you going*

As you may know from experience, driving can make things come out in you that you thought you had put on the altar many altar calls ago! I’ve had to call on the Lord several times in my driving, you know, to have Him intervene.

The other day, I had quite an interesting experience that taught me a great lesson.

I was waiting at a red light on the far right lane. Now, most times you can make a right turn when there are no cars coming in the perpendicular lane- unless there is a sign that says ‘NO RIGHT TURN AT RED LIGHT.” I try to oblige depending on where I have to be at a certain time ;-) And that day, I was in no particular rush, so I obliged.

That is until the car behind me started honking at me and through the rear view window, I can see her get upset as she is gesturing that I make the turn. I’m starting to feel the attitude in me rise up as I try to signal to her that I can’t make the right turn because of the sign. Clearly she didn’t see it. And I’m doing that with all the attitude I could muster up.

She continues to honk. I continue to wait. And then at one point get her attention through my side mirror and say while signaling to look at the sign that I am trying to follow and she should be too!

And then she signals back that the sign was not for this lane that we were in, it was for the lane on the left of us. And when I looked closer, she was right.

She was right. I was wrong.

In that moment, every ounce of me wanted pride to have its way and stay in that lane until the light turned green or signal to her that she could go around me if she thought she was right. Because she was. I had misunderstood the sign and even caught attitude with it.

But the Holy Spirit softened me and when she showed me I was looking at the wrong sign, I signaled back showing her that I was wrong and reconfirmed if I can go and she nodded and so I made the turn.

I didn’t catch an attitude and I knew that the anger she felt with me dissipated.  As soon as I made the turn, she caught up to the side of me and I smiled and said thank you and she smiled and waved.

So here is the small yet giant life lesson I learned:

The decision to let go of pride in that moment and in any other moment dismantles the work of the enemy to provoke anger in others. 

The moment I decided to own the fact that I didn’t understand the sign and actually made the turn was the difference between the smile and wave as we drove by each other or the death stare that we would or could have given each other.

There are going to be many times in life where we will have to make the decision to let our pride take a back seat so we can dismantle the work of the enemy. The rise of anger. The rise of attitude. The rise of division. The rise of relationships being destroyed.  And if we do, the kingdom always advances. But if we don’t, we let the enemy throw a party.

I don’t want him to have fun.

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